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According to Statistics South Africa, crimes against women are increasing year on year at alarming rates. The team at First for Women are very aware of this, and true to their pledge to serve the women of South Africa, they have embarked on a campaign to fight the stats. They want to empower (or INpower!) women in our country so that they are no longer victims of a somewhat skewed and unhealthy society.

Understanding a Woman’s Needs

First for Women treated a few of us ladies to a day at the One and Only in Cape Town, to mark the beginning of their @1Move1Movement #16daysofactivism campaign. They gave us everything a woman could want, from delicious treats, to full body massages and, of course, fountains of champagne. They know the way to a woman’s heart! And then they shared with us the naked truth. “In South Africa, and according to Statistics South Africa, the murder of women increased drastically by 117% between 2015 and 2016/17. The number of women who experienced sexual offences also jumped from 2015/16 to 2016/17 by 53%.” And apparently “the fear of crime ‘has consequences for women and girls and their ability to achieve their potential in every sphere of social and productive life’.”

I was shocked at the severity of the situation. How have things come to this? But more importantly, what can we do about it? I for one am not willing to wait for my knight in shining armour to come and save me, and the first for women team expect nothing less. That is why they introduced us to Mark Grobbelaar, founder of Woman INpowered. He was just the right man for the job, to teach us women how to fend for ourselves. He says “if you find yourself in a life threatening situation, there are only three human reactions: fight, flight or freeze. If you choose to fight, you must make sure that whatever you do immobilises the attacker, otherwise it will anger him. If you choose to flight, try and get away from the situation as fast as possible. Freezing is not a good option. You need to be proactive and know that you have a tool in your armoury that could be used to ‘flight’ a life-threatening situation”.

One Move, One Movement

What he taught us that day was invaluable. One move to turn us women from vulnerable, to autonomous. It is so simple, yet so effective, any woman can use it to save her life or get out of a dangerous situation with someone much bigger and stronger than herself.

Finally! A practical solution to fighting our own battles. I felt so powerful when I used the move to smash through a solid block of wood! The instruction and practical application helped us to realise that we would actually be able to use the move in a real life situation. 

I would highly recommend to every South African woman that she attend a self-defence class with Mark. Maybe you’ll never need to use the move, but it might just save your life one day.

Thank You

I am so grateful to the team at first for women, not only for a truly glamorous day of pampering but also for increasing my self-confidence and ensuring I am never a victim, but rather a powerful and equipped woman.

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