Original Cocktails Party and Giveaway

IMG_1751[1]Original Cocktails have the most fabulous range of pre-mixed cocktails – perfect for parties, braais and hot summer days! I love the quality and taste of the cocktails and the passion behind the brand. They also offer an alternative to the traditional wine/beer offering. All the top cocktails can be found in their cocktail range: magaritas, pina coladas, cosmos, mojitos and singapore slings.


A Cocktail Party


My husband and I have recently resettled back in Cape Town after nearly 3 years of travelling so to celebrate our new home, reconnecting with friends and the start of summer we hosted an Original Cocktails party. We got our friends to sample the different flavours, pick their favourites and let us know what they thought…

I’ve ranked the cocktails based on everyone’s opinions, but really, all the flavours are delicious. And it really does depend on individual preferences so it’s not accurate (especially since the data was collected after a good number had been consumed!)

5) Singapore Sling

We needed to add a bit more ice to this one as it’s quite sweet but it’s much better than the original Singapore Sling from the Raffles Hotel in Singapore (where the cocktail originates from). Original Iced have taken the original recipe and made it a lot more acceible for social cocktail drinkers.

4) Pina Colada

The Pina Colada is a very specific taste that doesn’t appeal to everyone. But I have it on good authority from a couple of staunch Pina Colada supporters that this one is a winner.

3) Margarita

Almost as good as the winner – everyone loves sour with a twist of sweet!

2) Cosmopolitan

One for the girls (and a surprising number of boys too) – not too sweet and delicious as an iced cocktail.

And the winner is…

1) Mojito

Not as minty as regular mojitos, but delicious because of the real lime juice they use. It’s refreshing, tart and perfect for summer evenings!


Here’s how they describe their cocktails:


We take real lemon and lime juice. Add a sprinkle of sugarand mix the combination with tequila. We freeze it and serve you the perfect iced margarita.

Pina Colada

The real tropical flavors of creamy coconut and pineapple juice are blended with a Jamaican rum and served as an iced cocktail.


The perfect combination of the real strawberry and lime juiceblended with a light rum. Frozen and served as an iced cocktail. We mix together cranberry, mandarin and lime juice and blend it with vodka to create the best cosmopolitan


The fresh flavors of lime juice are muddled with sugar and mint and light rum is added to make our perfectly balanced mojito.

Singapore Sling

We have taken real lime, pineapple and orange juices. mixed them with wild cherry, gin and bitters. The result is a very indulging singapore sling.

If you’d like to get your hands on your own Original Cocktails you can buy them from most bottle stores, or check the list of stores on their website.



Celebrate summer with Original Cocktails – we’re giving away a box of cocktails so that you can sample the whole range and pick your favourite!

To enter:

1) Like us: Original Iced and Cape Town Insider

2) Let us know your favourite summer cocktail by leaving a comment below

Note: Delivery applies to central Cape Town (CBD and Southern Suburbs)

Competition Closes on Friday 17/07

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