Our New Arrival, And She’s Purrfect!


It’s A Girl!

Two weeks in and we’re absolutely in love with our little bundle. We’re struggling with names though, so if you’ve got any suggestions, please shoot!

The current name contenders:

Our last cat ended up with the name Rocket Man, and that process only took about 2 months (not including the time we spent before he arrived trying to think of the perfect name). So take pity on her and send your suggestions!

I mean look at her…


To celebrate with us, Hills dropped off a gorgeous #kittycuddler and she’s definitely ok with that.




And Rocket Man, well, he’s got a bag of Hills Ideal Balance to make sure he doesn’t feel left out. I’m actually quite looking forward to seeing how he likes it. It’s made with all-natural ingredients Hill’s Ideal Balance is wholesome, perfectly balanced nutrition made with the finest ingredients (including fresh chicken as the main ingredient as well as fruit, vegetables, brown rice, flaxseed and eggs).

Oh, and if you’re in love with the #kittycuddler, here’s how you can get one for yourself:

These super snuggly beds are FREE with the purchase of 2 medium bags of Hill’s Science Plan (3kgs to 5 pgs) or Ideal Balance Feline (2.72 to 6.8kgs).

For your nearest participating practice or vet shop contact, Hill’s on infoza@hillspet.com (or get hold of them on Twitter: @HillsPetSA).

Thanks Hills for the spoils!

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