Pancho’s if you like it Mexican!

One of my top restaurants in Cape Town for excellent food, great atmosphere and even better value is Pancho’s in Observatory. The food is unfussy Mexican served in huge portions and accompanied (best of all) by frozen margaritas. Many of my friends are die-hard Fat Cactus fans, but there’s a reason that Pancho’s is packed every night, with two sittings and a cross-section of society – from high-brow Constantians to the students living around the corner.

I’ve outlined my recommendations on what to order below. It has to be said this is not based on a huge amount of experimentation but I can guarantee it for consistency. Since first going there around 6 years ago I have ordered the same food in the same order (at least once every 2 months):

1) Go with a huge group of friends and make sure you have a partner-in-crime!
2) Order the frozen margarita jug: strawberry and lemon mix
3) Order Chilli poppers to start (and share with your nominated partner)
4) For mains share a DIY Fajita to share (again with your partner) – order the beef
5) Enjoy the crazy-deliciousness that is cheese, guacamole, salsa, sour cream and beef

I haven’t included dessert as I’ve never made it that far…

Word of warning – the margaritas are a lot stronger than they look: something to do with the sugar to alcohol ratio and the portion sizes are a lot bigger than you imagine.

Find them (and remember to book because they get crazy busy!):
127 Lower Main Road
Cape Town, Western Cape
021 447 4854 / 082 821 5138

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