Pesso – My Highlights and NEW BOOTS!

I’m not the biggest shopper. I tend to get a bit overwhelmed and impatient after an hour or two at the shops. But there’s one exception, and my true love: shoes. Take a scroll through my Instagram feed and it’s about 50% pictures of friend’s babies and 50% shoes. So when Pesso invited me to choose a pair from their winter collection, my immediate response was ‘heck yes!’, followed by ‘only one?’. Well, I didn’t say that out loud. But it’s what I was thinking.

So, immediately on to the Pesso website, and five days of scrolling and debating the merits of each pair with anyone who would listen, I narrowed down my selection to about 20 pairs. Not super helpful I know. The next step was to try them on, I actually couldn’t make the decision so I popped in to try on basically the whole range at Shoe Connection in Canal Walk. They were very sweet and exceptionally patient as I worked my way through at least 12 different pairs.

These made the shortlist:

This pair nearly won – I really, really, really love cute sneakers and these might be the MOST comfortable pair that I have ever tried on:

But, ultimately, there could only be one winner…

And it’s this gorgeous, stylish, slightly slouchy pair of black leather boots for 3 reasons:

  1. Look at them – they’re simple and completely classic so I’ll be able to wear them for the next couple of seasons.
  2. They’re super soft and comfy – I struggle to find boots that don’t look huge and clumpy and aren’t really hard and uncomfortable to wear.
  3. They’re exactly what I was looking for (this was the clincher) – my trusty 12 year old black boots broke at the end of last season so I’ve had my eye out for a replacement since then.

If you need me, just look out for my new boots, I’ll be living in them this winter, bring on the cold weather!

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