To The Readers Of Cape Town Insider
Cape Town Insider is all about quality, value for money and finding the best that Cape Town has to offer, whether it be Cape Town restaurants, factory shops, or fashion and beauty.

I am honest about my experiences, I want people to know what they can expect when visiting a new restaurant or trying a new product because I respect that people work hard for their money!

If my experience does not meet the criteria of quality and value for money then I will choose to refrain from writing a review.

I don’t write about brands, products or services that I haven’t personally tried myself (and if for some reason there is an exception I’ll make it clear.)

To The Lovely PR People

I really enjoy trying out new places, going to events and trying new products – but before I can write about something and recommend it to others I want to have experienced it for myself.

  • If I have a bad experience with your product I will refrain from writing a review – my readers deserve my honesty.

  • I take most of my own images for the blog, if you would like to use them please let me know and we can work something out.

  • Have a look at my site and if your product matches what I like to write about, please contact me!

Any Questions?

Please let me know!