Purchasing your own residential property is a huge milestone that is worth celebrating. Not everyone has the privilege of owning a home, so you definitely need to pat yourself in the back for doing a great job. Becoming a first-time homeowner will make you feel overwhelmed with emotions, especially having a sense of achievement, gratitude, and contentment. Now, the next step will be decorating and furnishing your house to make it look more like a home than a vacant property. This process may require you to spend huge amounts of money, so you need to implement practical strategies to cut costs.

Estimating the Average Cost of Furnishing Your Home

Thinking about adorning your home with attractive decorations and luxury furniture items may excite you. However, you need to stop yourself from going on a shopping spree even if you want to furnish your home quickly. Without proper planning, you may end up buying unimportant items and waste your budget on things you don’t really need for your home. According to a report, the average homeowner spends around $8,176 on furniture items alone. This includes living room sets, bedroom furniture, kitchen and dining sets, bathroom essentials, and outdoor living upgrades. This amount can increase or decrease depending on the size of your property and your furnishing preferences.

Knowing these figures will help you come up with a proper budget plan for furnishing your property. However, you need to keep in mind that the abovementioned costs are only an estimate compared to the actual prices. Also, you need to understand that the bigger your property, the higher your expenses for decorating and fully furnishing your home. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve an elegant and attractive home if you are short on budget. You need to learn how to make practical choices, especially when learning where to spend your home furnishing funds.

Learning What to Prioritize when Furnishing Your Property

You need to understand that you can control your spending when it comes to furnishing your first home. The key is to determine the most practical tactics to ensure that you purchase the right items and maximize your budget use. Here are some simple solutions to help you furnish your home on a budget:

  • Prioritize essential/ functional items- Establish a budget first to know how much you need and how much you can afford when it comes to furnishing your property. Make sure to check out the prices of essential items first. This includes furniture items in high-traffic areas. This means you have to furnish rooms where you spend most of your time at home. For instance, if you are love spending a lot of time in the living room, you might want to prioritize purchasing a sofa. If you love inviting visitors, you might need to focus more on furnishing your kitchen and dining room first.
  • Invest in affordable decorative items-After getting the bare necessities, it’s time to look for additional decorations. Investing in decorative items help you brighten up your interiors and ensure that your home looks lively, cozy, and elegant at the same time. Install window treatments to add privacy and aesthetics. You can also get area rugs and choose one with colors and patterns that complement your interiors’ theme. You can look for small, affordable items that you can add to any room, so you don’t need to spend a lot of money on decorations.
  • Consider purchasing multipurpose home items-Consider investing in multipurpose home items. Doing this will not only help you save money, but it will also allow you to maximize space at home. For instance, you can invest in building storage cabinets right under your staircase. You can also purchase a sofa bed so you can sit on it during the day and sleep on it at night.

Additional Reminders

Decorating your residential property and adding aesthetically-appealing features will definitely improve the overall appearance of your home. However, you also need to know that decorating and improving your home’s aesthetics is not the only way to boost your property’s appearance. You can also perform simple activities that will help maintain its condition, such as decluttering your home and ensuring that it remains clean and organized. Remember, cleaning requires little to no funds, so you have to take advantage of this when maintaining your home’s beauty. It would be best to allocate your budget to other essential things than spend it on repairs and replacements brought by poor cleaning and maintenance.

Stop pressuring yourself to purchase everything at once, especially when it comes to expensive furniture items. You need to remind yourself that it’s okay to take things slow and to furnish one room at a time. No one will judge you if you haven’t installed a chandelier in the living room or built a luxury bathtub in your bathroom. Focus on what you can do and afford for now. Prioritize the items mentioned above and work harder to save more money for your home furnishing funds. This way, you can ensure that you can fully furnish your home when the right time comes.

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