Raith Deli

My favourite meal growing up was kassler and sauerkraut (nothing to do with my dad being Dutch) and now being married with a German mother-in-law means that the good food continues. So I appreciate good sausage, proper potato salad, sauerkraut, kassler chops (just hold the mustard…)

Imagine my delight when, after 8 months of no pork (travelling Africa), I returned to the Mother City to find that Raith (in Gardens centre) had opened another branch in High Constantia (next to Greens). The one thing that I find a little off-putting about Reich in Gardens is that it is always packed and it’s a bit of a bunfight for tables if you go there at lunchtime.

Raith Deli
Raith Deli


So What is the Constantia Raith Like?

Constantia offers the perfect solution – the shopping centre itself has a much nicer vibe, there’s plenty of space to sit down – and the food continues to be absolutely awesome.


Mine – bockwurst, chips with a side of sauerkraut


Hubbys – currywurst and chips


Even if you’re not into German food, the gourmet sandwiches and international products available at the deli make this a worthwhile stop. They’ve got a beautiful bakery, cheese counter, cold meats and butchery, and of course, more mustard than can possibly be good for a person.


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