Are you an adrenaline freak? If your answer is yes, then Southeast Asia will give you something to spike your heart rate. Besides relatively low costs, the region boasts of a beautiful landscape, friendly people and a rich cultural history.

Even as you seek adventures that will give you a rush of adrenaline, it’s essential to understand the risks that comes with extreme sports. 

What are the Most Dangerous Extreme Sports in Southeast Asia?

Bungee jumping off Singapore’s only Bungee tower

What could pump up your adrenaline more than a free fall from 50 metres above the ground? If you consider yourself the most real daredevil, explore the Sentosa Siloso beach and experience the jaw-dropping scenic fall that will leave your thirsting for more.

Swimming with the hammerhead sharks

If a brush with death is all you are seeking, head down to The Magnet in Indonesia and take the terrifying plunge into the open waters where you will be fully exposed to strong currents, the potential down rafts, and…wait for it…the hammerhead shark species! This species is considered one of the most dangerous of the three hammerhead track species. So write a will before you dive, and don’t be surprised if you don’t come back from the underwater alive.

Deep Water Soloing in Langkawi, Malaysia

Imagine climbing steep rocks without any gears! This is what happens when you decide to go deep water soloing. With the water as your only landing ground, you have to push yourself to extreme limits to make sure you do not miss a step-unless you crave a dip in the warm blue waters beneath you.

Sky Diving In Thailand

Craving a quick adrenaline fix? Try jumping off a plane 10,000 feet from the ground and soak your senses in the 35-second free fall that follows. With the help of a professional, this nerve-wracking sport will make your travel adventure worth what it costs and help you overcome your fear of flying.

Guideless Mountain Climbing in Indonesia

Once you decide to travel to Indonesia for your adventurous expedition, a guideless mountain climbing experience should appear at the top of your to-do list. While relying only on tips and online guides, you will treat yourself to an authentic and memorable experience of Mount Bromo. If the daredevil in you is persuasive enough, you can proceed to Ijen Crater from where a breathtaking vision of the glorious electric-blue fire flowing down the slopes at night will give you something to write home about.

Where are the Best Extreme Sport Spots in Southeast Asia?

1. Bali, Indonesia

Known for its coral reefs, beaches, and volcanic mountains, Bali offers a phenomenal underwater experience where you can dive as deep as 30 m, even with only a beginner’s training experience. Besides a freediving experience, Bali is home to breathtaking scenic views, ranging from the World War II shipwrecks to ancient statues and relics found at the seabed.

2. Hang Dong Quarry, Thailand

Also called the Chiang Mai Grand Canyon, the once quarry has turned into a place where fun lovers can have a fun dip to cool themselves under the humid temperatures. Starting from just 5 metres, you can choose to jump from up to 15 metres. The rough and uneven edges of the cliff called for extreme caution.

3. Luang Prabang, Laos

An authentic Laos experience awaits you in Luang Prabang. With just a motorbike, you can visit the rural villages, experience the rough countryside roads, and soak in the scenic view of the waterfalls. If you are a women traveler who prefers solo expeditions, you can rent out a motorbike and explore the rural paths near the Myanmar border.

4. Boracay Island, Philippines

Every year, kiters from around the world travel to Boracay Island in the Philippines to enjoy kitesurfing. With the warm blue waters and the year-round strong ocean winds, kiters get to create beautiful and lifelong memories.

Don’t feel left out if you are not an experienced kiter. The consistent winds of this glorious Island will help you learn quickly and join in the fun.

5. Ubud Bali, Indonesia

If you tag along with your squad of women travelers to Ubud Bali, you could explore the option of a fun quad biking adventure across the muddy terrains of the Balinese villages. To create more memories of your experience, go canyon tubing, or buggy riding. 

6. Dalat Vietnam

This is where all the fun is at. From rafting to cliff jumping to abseiling, going canyoning at Dalat will leave you spoilt for choice. To have as much fun as you would love to tag along with a friend or two and make memories together as you experience the beauty of Southeast Asia.

If you describe yourself as an adrenaline junkie, Southeast Asia is the place to go for your annual solo or women travelers’ getaways. The daredevil in you will obviously demand a bungee jump at Sentosa Siloso beach or deep water soloing at Langkawi. Wherever your pursuit of adventure leads you, don’t hesitate. Explore the remarkable wonders of the world, make memories, take pictures, and have as much fun as you can.

 We only live once, so live adventurously.

Author Bio:

Frank Stovall is an avid traveler, rock climber, and adventurer. As the active public relations manager for XO where one can book a flight on private jets in an instant, he is able to travel far and wide with Joshua Tree National Park being one of his favorite recent destinations.

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