Cape Town Restaurants

We like to eat. Like a lot.

We love eating out – this has always been at the heart of our Cape Town blog and was the reason we started blogging back in 2011. We’ve evolved and added to the blog since then but we still love to eat out, experience new places and share it all right here.

During the week you’ll often find us at new spots in town, or having a drink at one of our old favourites. We’ve always got time to review new restaurants and have always got our eyes open for new restaurant specials.

Most of the time we pay when we eat out – so whatever we have to say about a restaurant is our opinion, but at least we haven’t been paid to have the opinion. We don’t ask for freebies and when we’re invited out to a restaurant, we’ll always let you know.

Cape Town’s restaurant scene is eclectic and there is something to suit everyone’s palate so have a browse around – we’re sure that you’ll find something to sink your teeth into!