The Revolutionary Endermolift at Legs11

Last week I tried out the new, very interesting, Endermolift being offered by Legs11. It’s a Liftmassage using completely natural techniques to re-densify and rejuvenate your skin. It works to stimulate collagen production which decreases visible signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles and dark circles. And I’m hooked – I love that it’s a proactive, natural, non-invasive step that you can take to minimise those annoying fine lines and wrinkles. And, after just one session, it makes a big difference to how your skin feels because it also resurfaces your skin.



My therapist explained it to me as a ‘skin fitness workout’, it’s natural, no injections and no surgery and leaves your skin feeling amazing. It’s a machine that gently massages your skin and what I found after just one session is that it worked really well to recontour my skin, especially my décolleté where my skin was feeling quite rough. If you are looking for anti-aging results a longer term commitment works best, and after 2 months you can see some impressive results.  If you want to learn a bit more about how it works, visit and then book your appointment at!


If you have questions about the Endermolift technique, Legs 11 has created a great resource on their website:

* All images are from the Legs11 website.

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