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Seven Springs Vineyards

Oaked Chardonnay

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ContactWhitney-ann Mientjies
Phone+27 (028) 316 4994
LinkOaked Chardonnay

The Chardonnay ferments in old, 300L French oak barrels and remains in those barrels for the remainder of the year, until bottling.

Oaked Chardonnay

CapeTownInsiders’ Review

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Seven Springs Vineyards Characteristics
Seven Springs Vineyards
Oaked Chardonnay

The philosophy of Seven Springs is to aim for balance and staying true to the nature of our vineyards. The Overberg has such rich soils that it . . . delivers a unique type of fruit, which does not need much to show its beauty and elegance.

A delicate nose of honeyed fruit, crisp citrus and subtle oak. Typical of our ocean influenced cooler climate there is minerality throughout.

Easily enjoyed on its own, but beautifully paired with canapés, mild cheeses, mild curries, rich fish or poultry dishes and my favorite…pork belly. . . . Serve chilled at 14-16°C

The acid is bright and fresh, yet not acidic. The flavors are that of candied lemon, velvety crème Brule with a unique salinity found in the wine.

A Few More Images From Seven Springs Vineyards

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