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Seven Springs Vineyards


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2013 marks our forth vintage and as the vines mature so does the character and quality of the fruit produced by these vineyards.


CapeTownInsiders’ Review

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Seven Springs Vineyards Characteristics
Seven Springs Vineyards

A purple hue to the wine is a tell-tale sign of the Syrah and with this vibrant colour comes vibrant aromas of blueberry and black currents. An . . . undertone of dark and decadent chocolate can be detected as well as a firm oak, cinnamon and cloves.

On the palate the wine is surprisingly soft and smooth with the oak in a supporting role only. An aftertaste of dark chocolate and spices fills the . . . sense with a lingering mineral character the Overberg region is known for.

To fully enjoy this wine, we suggest decanting for at least an hour before serving at 18°C. It can be enjoyed with anything lamb (stew, shank and . . . chops) as the freshness of the Syrah will cut through the fattiness of the meat making the fruity expression of the wine more prominent and also revealing that slight meatiness too.

A purple hue to the wine is a tell-tale sign of the Syrah

A Few More Images From Seven Springs Vineyards

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