Whether you’re looking to dive, snorkel or simply slip beneath the waves to witness the mysterious underwater life- there’s hardly a spot as awesome as Cape Town. This coastal city is teeming with deep blue oceans that have the widest varieties of Mako sharks, cape fur seals, dolphins and blue sharks. You can visit most of these snorkeling spots throughout the year, and the options here are immense! And if you’re a beginner, we’re here to help get you started with the ultimate snorkeling mask buyer’s guide and where to go in Cape Town for snorkelling. In the following section, we have listed 7 of the best snorkeling spots around Cape Town. Read on, for more detailed insight on visiting these fantastic destinations.

Pyramid Rock

If you’re looking to dive into the False Bay in Cape Town, Pyramid Rock can be your go-to destination. Located near Miller’s Point, this massive rock is visible during both high and low tides. The rock is more of a high profile reef which is well-sheltered from the North Western winds. As you visit the point, you’ll love the individual and group snorkeling tours that are usually guided by an expert.

Although this place doesn’t give you excellent shore access, yet, that won’t affect your free diving or snorkeling experience. Once you dive into the deep blue waters, you’ll get an opportunity to explore the wide varieties of fish, shy sharks, cow sharks, and even gully sharks. In case you’re looking for some added adventure, try swimming to this point from Shark Alley. Pyramid Rock is open throughout the year for snorkeling, but it is ideally suitable for winters.

Hout Bay

If you’re particularly fond of Seal snorkeling and are looking forward to an ultimate wildlife experience- snorkeling at Hout Bay can be a great option. Plunge into the deep Atlantic blues as you swim through hundreds of cow sharks and Cape fur seals. Unlike most other snorkeling spots, at Hout Bay, you’ll get to interact with these seals in their entirely own environment and their entirely own terms. They are incredibly playful, and you’ll have a great time with them.

In case you’re a newbie who isn’t confident about snorkeling alone, you can always try for a guided tour. Hout Bay has several group tours for snorkeling enthusiasts that are usually guided by a trained expert. These experts will help you charter the deep blue sea which is home to more than 5000-8000 seals. The seals are curious and playful, and they’ll be more than just happy to interact with you. Like Pyramid Rock, Hout Bay too is open for snorkeling throughout the year.

Shark Bay

This is yet another excellent snorkeling spot for the ones who are looking to dive into the chilly waters of False Bay. As evident from the name, Shark Bay is primarily famous for Sharks, and you’ll find hundreds of Cow sharks here. The place is available for free diving, but since it is located in the Castle Rock Marine Protected Area, you’ll need a prior permit for free diving here.

The Sharks are usually active from September to December. So this spot is ideal for winter snorkeling. In case you’re a newbie who’s afraid of swimming with the sharks, fret not, for cow sharks are not considered to be dangerous. The area boasts excellent marine life, but at times, the shore access can be a bit too tricky. So if you’re just getting started with underwater adventures, we’d recommend you to visit this spot with an expert.

Windmill Beach

WindMill Beach probably one of the most popular and incredibly beautiful spots for snorkeling. Located in the western part of False Bay and the eastern part of the Cape Town, this beach opens an entirely new world of marine adventures. This beach is widely popular for its fish, cow sharks and seals. But even with these wide varieties of aquatic species, it is the beautiful coral reefs that steal the show! The reefs are usually present near the granite boulders, along with the eastern part of the beach.

Located right next to Boulders Beach, WindMill Beach is an ideal spot for both newbies and experienced snorkelers. Although you can visit the beach anytime during the year, we’d specifically recommend you to visit it on a calm day. This is primarily because the waves of the southeastern winds can make you feel like you’ve been in a mangler.

The Old Harbor in Hermanus

The Old Harbor in Hermanus is probably one of the biggest attractions of this otherwise quaint town. As you delve into the deep blue seas, you’ll get a chance to see the Southern Right Whales. And guess what? If you’re lucky enough, you’ll also get to hear them. In addition to Whales, this place also boasts a wide range of Kelp and other varieties of fish. Accessing the harbor is pretty straightforward, and although it is open throughout the year, we’d recommend you to visit during the winter and spring months.

Sandy Cove

If you’re looking to dive into the chilly waters of the Atlantic, Sandy Cove is yet another snorkeling spot that’ll perfectly cater to your requirements. This cute little bay is located just around the northern corners of the Twelve Apostles Hotel, and it also serves as an entry point for the ones looking to dive at Oudrekraal. With its steep shore access, reaching out to this bay can be slightly difficult. But once you do manage to find the point, you’ll love it for the adventure it offers you. The bay is teeming with kelp forests and a wide variety of smaller fishes. This snorkeling point, albeit excellent, is exposed to the North Western winds. So if you’re planning to visit the spot anytime soon, we’d recommend you to visit here during the summer months.

Long Beach

Located in Simons Town, this is yet another spot which is perfectly calm and quaint. Owing to its relatively calm nature, this beach also invites regular swimmers in addition to the snorkeling enthusiasts who dive in, to catch a glimpse of the cow sharks, kelps, and coral reefs. This is beach is open for snorkeling throughout the year.

Well, now that you know everything about the best snorkeling spots in Cape Town and know that for snorkeling you only need a simple snorkeling set, tell us where are you heading? Let us know in the comments section!

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