Technology has transformed the society we live in greatly. Sport has not been left out. Technology has brought new concepts like live soccer betting, VAR and powerful graphical video games. The sporting community has been receptive to these changes making them develop even more.

Sports games have become very popular all over the world. The games combine two of the biggest passions, i.e. playing sports and playing video games. Some sports casinos like Betway also have video games. They provide an excellent platform for you to tap into your competitive spirit. They also give you the chance to showcase your mastery of a particular sport. 

Several sports have video games including racing, football, basketball, golf among others. These games keep the gamers on the edge of their seats with simulations of the real-world activity. The following are some sport-related video games available for gamers.

Madden NFL 20

Madden NFL 20 is a simulation of the National Football League. It has several versions with the version 20 being the latest. The video game has experienced continued improvement to enhance the user experience. 

The game has a QBI story mode that lets you create a quarterback to take over the College Football Playoff. Fantasy football fans can survey team missions that allow them to take on unique challenges using crafted teams of players. 

The game has over 50 players with the new superstar X-factor Zone abilities. This provides you with more opportunities to tear down the opponents. 

PES 20

PES 20 simulates every aspect of the football game. The game has enhanced its features to give the gamers an unforgettable experience. The gameplay has been improved to portray a more realistic display of player errors during matches. 

Using high-performance 3D scanning technology has helped in the rendering of players and stadiums. Players and stadiums are rendered almost identical to their real-world counterparts.

Player animations have also been improved and are more fluid and responsive to controls. 


UFC has over 5,000 new fighting animations provided by EA SPORTS’ proprietary RPM technology. This technology has gone a long way in improving user experience. Gamers can enjoy more fluid and realistic games. 

UFC has also introduced its own version of Ultimate Team. This lets players compete as real, customizable UFC fighters. The fighters are armed with an armoury of signature moves. 

There is more; you can craft your own UFC story by creating an original fighter using GOAT mode. With your own creation, you can get on a quest to dominate the sport in and out of the octagon.

You will also get the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of being a top fighter. You will get new fans and can build hype before matches. You can also earn cash from huge contracts and bring down the most challenging opponents in UFC.

F1 2019

F1 2019 allows you to explore the F1 world on and off the tracks. You will find all the official teams, drivers and 21 circuits of the 2019 season featuring in the game. 

The game has a new career mode that allows you to build your own reputation and compete with opponents.

There are various sports games available for gamers. While you are waiting for your bet on Betway to come through, you can enjoy your favorite sport from any of your devices.  

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