The popularity of the internet continues to grow, and more people are taking advantage of the business opportunities that the increase in popularity brings with it. Cape Town is no exception to this, especially after the Covid-19 outbreak.

There are many ways to start a business online, but the one that is easy to start is an online affiliate business.

Introduction to online affiliate marketing

An affiliate business means that you will promote other businesses’ products or services and get a commission from it. Some pay you a fixed amount, and others pay a % of the price of the product.

There are countless businesses that offer affiliate partnerships, and many more are willing to partner if you contact them for a partnership.

To make things easier, many services have consolidated a lot of affiliate deals into their platforms to make it easier to find these deals. An example of such a platform in South Africa is Admarula. Usually, these platforms take a cut off the total earnings, but they are a very easy way to start an affiliate marketing business.

Another option is to search for products or services that you are interested in promoting and contact them directly to negotiate a partnership. For example, if you are interested in lead generations and lending, MyLoan can be a very lucrative partner. 

What it requires to start a profitable affiliate marketing business

To start a profitable affiliate marketing business, you will need to understand marketing basics, preferably digital marketing. If you have past experience in digital marketing, you can turn your online business profitable faster.

It’s totally up to your creativity to figure out a way to make money with affiliate marketing, but here are the most common methods:

  • Create a website and promote the product there

You can create a website and write about the product and content that is related to the product. Depending on your skills, you can then decide to get traffic to your website through SEO or use paid ads (Facebook- or Google Ads). Many affiliate marketers usually start out with a small budget, which means they cannot spend much on marketing, which only leaves organic methods (SEO). The organic route will also require some effort in the form of content creation. You will have to write and create content that you publish on your website.

  • Email marketing

Creating and gathering email addresses to market to directly is also a very popular method. This requires even a smaller budget than creating a website.

If you can write well and persuasively, email marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to start an affiliate marketing business. With this method, you get a unique URL from your affiliate partner to identify your traffic, and then you need to activate your email subscribers through your email marketing

  • Social media groups and pages

You can create Facebook groups or use your Instagram profile to promote products. This method can technically be called the influencer method. You need to create and grow your social media presence and credibility. From there, you can promote products to your followers.

What to consider when choosing an affiliate deal and how to choose the right one

You can rarely go wrong when you start an affiliate marketing business. However, it is good to keep in mind that this is not an overnight money-making machine. You will be required to put in the time and effort to get this going.

To get your affiliate marketing business profitable quickly, there are a few things to consider:

  • Choose what you are interested in: It will take time before you see any revenue. On average, it can take up to six months before you even make a Rand. It is important that you are interested in the topic you are writing about, so it feels less like work.
  • Analyse which deals are truly lucrative: Some affiliate partners might promise you 20% of a product that costs R5,000, but if the product sells once a month, it will be difficult to be profitable. On the other hand, there might be deals such as with MyLoan that promise you a fixed rate of R20-100 per lead, and it is easy to generate up to thousands of leads monthly.
  • Analyse the competition for the subject you plan to promote: Especially with SEO, the more competition the subject has, the longer it will take you to rank in search engines and start making money. It is good to remember that it will be that much harder for new competition to outrank you if you spend to time ranking for competitive subjects.

If you stay consistent and build your online presence, it is just a matter of time before you start reaping the rewards.

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