There’s a new, hipster-esque way to give back and make a difference in Cape Town. The Street Store is a unique concept, approved by the Cape Town municipality, which will see people from all over Cape Town gathering in De Waterkant to drop off clothes and shoes that they no longer need. Then, set up in an innovative ‘on-the-street-shop’, these clothes will then be available for the homeless and disadvantaged.


Here’s all the info:

The world’s first rent-free, premises-free, free “pop-up clothing store” for the poor, found entirely on the street and curated by you. 


South Africa has a lot of have-nots. But also has a lot of haves. So how do we remind the haves, that the have-nots need help?


By finding a middle ground – the street.


Introducing The Street Store.


A store made just out of posters. It’s where you “hang up” donated clothes and drop shoes into “boxes”, and then the homeless help themselves.


Because you have something the homeless don’t; clothes you choose not to wear.


·      Visit us anytime between 6:30am and 7pm on Tuesday 14 January on Somerset Road, De Waterkant outside the Salesian Institute.

·      Drop off a clothing donation to the world’s first rent-free, premises-free clothing store.


We would love if you would come drop off a donation on Tuesday and promote The Street Store on your various channels. 

We really want to get the whole of Cape Town to help make a difference.

This drive has been approved by the municipality. 


Twitter: @TheStreetStore

Hashtag: #TheStreetStore



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