Cape Town is not only a beautiful city; it’s also South Africa’s legislative capital. The city has a population of around four million people and spreads over 950 square miles. You can enjoy sunbathing at Cape Town’s beaches, visiting shopping malls and historical sites. But if you are a casino fan, you’d also appreciate an opportunity to play your favorite games.

Why should you stick to online casinos in Cape Town? Web-based gaming properties are often more attractive than land-based facilities. Here is what tourists should know about playing casino games in this city in 2021!

Online Casinos Are Safe

South African casinos can work with licenses from Malta, Gibraltar, UK, or other countries. Players can visit those platforms, but it’s vital to stick to reputable operators. You can check out an overview of legal online casinos South Africa has to offer. The idea is to find licensed platforms that offer optimal security. Sticking to professional review sites is an excellent way to ensure you only play on secure platforms. 

Since online gaming is legal in South Africa, you don’t have to worry while in Cape Town. Nobody will track or fine you if playing online. As long as you stick to safe and reputable casinos, everything is perfectly safe.

Multiple Platforms to Choose From

The online gambling market is constantly expanding over the last several years. As a result, there are a variety of Cape Town casinos available. 

Here is what can help when choosing a favorite:

  • Available bonuses – if you are a new player, expect a welcome bonus package. Make sure to pick the platform with promotions that suit you.
  • Payment methods – whether you use credit cards or e-wallets, make sure the provided payment methods fit your preferences. Additionally, the withdrawing process should be swift.
  • Customer service – if anything goes wrong, customer support should be available 24/7. 

Safer Than Land-Based Casinos

Once the pandemic broke out, many land-based gambling facilities closed their doors for customers. It took time to start accepting players again, but things have changed compared to the pre-COVID era. Offline casinos must focus on maintaining social distance, which means fewer players and machines on the floor. It’s not the only thing affecting their income because players often have second thoughts about even visiting those facilities.

If you are worried about the virus, online casinos are a safer alternative. You don’t have to leave your hotel room to enjoy your favorite casino games. That means you won’t mingle with others and worry whether the casino took all safety precautions. 

Playing from Any Location

Here is another thing that makes online casinos better – the option to play from any location. There are many things to do in Cape Town, and it’s a shame if you are only there for a couple of days. As a tourist, you want to check as many attractions as possible. But if you have to go to a casino, that means wasting time on dressing up and going to that location. 

Online gaming platforms allow visits from anywhere. You could be at Clifton beaches, enjoying the sun and playing casino games on mobile. You could play slots and roulette while waiting for the touristic bus to take you to the next destination. Online casinos ensure a fun break whenever you need it while providing enough time to tour the city!

A Huge Selection of Games

We mentioned that the COVID safety requirements mean that land-based casinos will have to spread out their games on the gaming floors? That means they’ll need a huge hall to accommodate a large number of games. The odds are you’ll have a much better selection in online casinos.

Web-based operators are famous for including different genres. You can choose from hundreds of slots, but also test your luck at roulette. If you prefer cards, blackjack and poker tables are ready for you. It’s even possible to enjoy keno, bingo, and arcade titles on some platforms. And the best part is that live gaming tables recreate the experience from a land-based facility. You’ll find human dealers as hosts at those tables.

Final Thoughts

There are multiple reasons why Cape Town tourists should stick to online casinos. You can pick from a huge selection of games and genres. It’s also a safer option, and it gives you enough time to tour the city. There’ll be enough time for all planned visits to attractions, while you’ll always have an option to play whenever you feel like it!

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