The pandemic has halted every area of our lives-and one of the biggest industries that were affected was tourism and travel. Everywhere you look on social media, you will see your friends who love adventure lamenting that so many borders are closed and that non-essential travel is extra difficult during these times.

Thankfully, as vaccines are being rolled out worldwide, we might be able to see some semblance of normalcy in the world in the coming months. If you’re thinking of thoughtful gifts to give to your travel enthusiast friends who can’t travel right now due to the pandemic, here are some ideas where you can start.

Sanitary care kit

Our 2021 world is completely different from our 2019 one. Now, wearing masks is a sign of solidarity and unity with others, and being hygienic with our hands is a must if we want to keep ourselves and others healthy. So why not come up with a travel care kit for your travel-loving friends? Here are some ideas of items you can put in:

  • A small bottle of 70% alcohol-based sanitizer
  • Alcogel wet wipes
  • A few medical-grade masks or cloth masks
  • A spray bottle filled with disinfectant so that they can spray high-touch surfaces and public chairs anytime
  • Mask case or holder
  • Put it in a cute box or bag

These are essentials that every traveler needs, so your friend will surely find it practical for when they can finally go on a journey again.

Nylon bags

Since the virus that causes COVID-19 is known for its ability to survive on surfaces for hours and even days, travelers need to ensure that everything they touch or everything they place their belongings on is disinfected to some degree. And aside from the germs and viruses that our bags can accumulate, they can also be prone to collecting yeast and mold.

This is why nylon bags can be your best bet since the material nylon is known for being easy to clean and sanitize. You can choose from totes and backpacks and even travel organizers where your loved ones can organize their stuff according to category. Travel wallets made of nylon are also convenient since they can store your loved ones’ passports, cards, cash, and other important documents.

Comfortable shoes

When the borders start opening up again, we can finally go back to city tours and sightseeing. Your travel-loving friends would probably appreciate some new and comfortable kicks they can wear to their vacation. Here are some ideas:

  • Dockers men’s shoes will be good for those who love fine dining and enjoy more dressed-up dinners during their vacations.
  • Sporty outdoor sandals are perfect for your friends who love to hike-which is one of the safer ways to escape during the COVID-19 crisis. They’re also ideal for warmer weather, so they would be appropriate for the beach or during boat rides.
  • Durable flip-flop sandals are also good for your friends who love traveling to more tropical states and countries.

Pendleton blankets

Pendleton blankets have been the rage over the years because of their cozy material and interesting designs. Made of wool, these blanketsstarted as a small family-run business and eventually evolved into an item of choice for influencers into the lumberjack aesthetic, which became popular in the 2010s. These blankets are now synonymous with hipsters and those who prefer the boho aesthetic and lifestyle. If you have friends who love curating their Instagram feed and have a very neo-cottagecore look to their pictures, they would surely appreciate these blankets. Not only do they look good on camera, but they can also keep your travel-loving friends warm on the plane or if they’re going somewhere a bit colder.

Travel-inspired decor

If your travel-loving buddies show off their homes on social media, try looking for travel-inspired decor that will complement the design of their homes. You can look for stylishly designed maps, globes, compasses, and even landmarks. What is their dream destination? Perhaps you can send them a miniature Eiffel Tower or Taj Majal-there are also more useful home items like lamps cut in these shapes. When it comes to home decor, make sure the pieces you choose fit their personal aesthetic, and the more useful, the better.

We might not be able to travel for leisure for a while, but there are plenty of things we can do now to satiate our friends’ wanderlust. Give them gifts that they can use once the world opens up, and they can go on a journey once again.

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