The history of trendy baby clothes stretches back to at least the 18th century when parents and even educators started looking at our tiny tots and thinking, “what can we do to make them look better?”

Of course, in the early days, baby clothing was more about utility than fashion. Little boys wore breeches so that they can help out with adult male responsibilities. In contrast, women wore stiff bodices to help them develop proper posture, as was typical for society ladies.

Today, however, the baby clothes are less about gender roles and more about making your child look and feel cute. Yes, fashion trends change per season, but we asked some expert baby clothing designers about timeless fashion elements that will make sure your baby is always petite couture.

Asymmetric Hems Never Go Out of Style

Asymmetric hems refer to the practice of hemming a piece of clothing in such a way that one side might be longer or higher than the other. It can be observed in pretty much every fashion revolution, from mullet skirts to jeans. It can also be seen pretty much around the world, whether it’s in the American high-skirt or the South Asian Kurta.

The same concept applies to baby’s clothing. Find or customize pieces for them that incorporate an asymmetric hem, and you’ll find that not only does it bring out their innate adorable-ness, but it also makes them look more proportionate.

Baby’s Clothing Is the Only Place for Animal Prints

Sure, your mom’s Leopard-print Velcro suit from the early 80s was probably the height of fashion back then, but today, it would look out of place. In today’s fashion world, animal prints aren’t exactly out of style, but it’s always best to keep them on the down-low.

Unless, of course, you find the animal print on a baby’s clothing. Anything from a T-shirt to a jumper that has some form of animal print looks cute on your tots. That’s because having an animal print on a child’s clothes makes them look like a baby version of the animal in print, and how adorable is that?

Play Around with Three-Piece Sets

Is there anything more adorable than seeing your little ones dressed up in a sharp, three-piece outfit? Probably not, and that’s because if a well-tailored three-piece suit looks great on an adult, it’s undoubtedly going to look great on your child.

It is perfect for the baby boy who wants to play dress-up, but you shouldn’t take the pleasure of wearing a nice suit away from your baby girls! Look online, and you’ll find some amazingly cute mini power dresses for your little CEO.

Take Note of the Material

Regardless of what fashion trend you want to dress your little one in, remember that it’s best to check the material that it’s using. Your baby’s skin is new and, therefore, sensitive, so always make sure you find the softest materials possible, ideally hypo-allergenic as well. Also, unicorn dresses, superhero outfits, and even princess gowns are all cute and cuddly, but they go out of fashion real quick, so make sure you replace them as the years go by.

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