With the ever-changing economy providing challenges for most South African graduates, the dream of owning a car may seem like just that… a dream. However, car dealerships and manufacturers have heard the cries of young people who want to find convenient ways to be mobile by purchasing cars. But, with education loans, new career changes looming and growth, buying a car cash might be difficult. Let’s take a look at how you as a graduate can get access to owning your own car without having to worry about paying for it upfront. Read on.   

Lessons On Leasing

Some drivers make the decision to lease cars instead of buying them. What leasing, in simple terms, is being able to drive a new car for a fixed period of time on a monthly payment basis. With leasing, you will have to return the car after the agreed-upon time, and the car has to be in perfect condition in order for you not to suffer additional costs. Leasing is not very common with South African drivers as most of them enjoy the idea of owning their own car. Generally, South African drivers will opt for buying a car either cash, through a bank or accredited financial institution, and then pay them on a monthly basis. With a leased car, you get a brand new car to drive for the agreed period, while with an instalment sale, you get to own either a new or used car. 

Money-Saving Maintenance 

As a new car owner, you may find yourself wondering if you are driving your car the right way and aren’t putting it in some kind of danger that will end up costing you a lot of money – or worse, your entire car. One of the simplest ways to ensure your vehicle stays in good condition and avoids unexpected, unpleasant surprises is to take it for regular servicing and maintenance. Having a mechanic check your car as regularly as it needs might be more of an investment than an expense. This way, you will know what your car needs all the time, helping you decide what to take care of first and compile your budget better. 

Even though you cannot DIY your way into the heavy parts of your vehicle, you can do little tasks such as regularly checking your car’s oil, fuel and other fluids such as the steering, transmission, brake and windshield washer fluids. These small, affordable acts make a huge difference. Hygiene is important too, so ensure that you wash your car regularly to maintain its colour, saving you money on repainting. 

But Wait, There’s More

Another way to benefit from your car would be to join an insurance company that offers you things like rewards and cashback for being a good driver and not claiming for a certain period of time. Insurance companies in South Africa often encourage safe and good driving due to high accident rates, so being a good driver might score you some extra coins in the bag. Speaking of insurance, you can also opt for combining your car and household insurance into one. Especially if you are a graduate, you may have many new prized possessions you want to protect and combining them with your car under one insurance package might score you a great monthly premium deal, saving you some money. 

Your Ride, Your Choice 

Whether you want to lease a car or buy a new or used one, you can benefit from all options. However, for graduates, owning a car may seem impossible. Not anymore, as there are better ways for you to access your wheels. South African financial service providers have a new phenomenon called graduate finance. This affords graduates, and those who are starting out in their careers and adult lives, the opportunity to be mobile without having to worry about having a credit history to buy the car of their dreams. Graduate finance helps you figure out how your costs are going to affect your cost of living, how you can manage your money with fixed premiums for consistency, and if you like, you can save for a deposit and reduce your monthly premiums. You don’t have to wonder about qualifying for graduate finance, simply use a loan repayments calculator and see what you qualify for.

In Conclusion

Your car can be your greatest asset and not a liability, helping you move around your world with ease. Once you have taken delivery of your car, take care of it and create great memories. So, always avoid neglecting your car’s problems, ensure you are always aware of what’s going on with your car and get insurance that can help you manage an unexpected crisis. 

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