The year 2020 had left so many unworn outfits and ruined travel plans. Some even bought new clothes hoping that everything will come back to normal only to end up not wearing them. That being so, stay-at-home clothes became our go-to style, from sweatshirts, leggings, and plain tees.

As more countries fully ease their travel restrictions this 2021, more people are already booking their flights to their dream destinations. Along with the excitement, people check out which style pieces they should wear to the trip to get that Instagram-worthy photo.

From micro-minis, bright-colored tops, and oversized pants, these are some old wardrobe staples that are just waiting for you to style them. But as fashion magazines laid out all the newest style trends for 2021, you might be thinking that they are already out of style.

Don’t say goodbye to your old clothes just yet. If you want to travel in style this 2020 without spending a dollar, this guide is for you. We will give you style ideas on keeping up with the latest looks using the clothes you have in your closet.

Here are some staple closet styles that will make you look stylish on your next trip without spending one dollar more.

1. Bralettes

Whiles bras keep those ‘girls’ in place, wearing one can make you feel trapped and sweaty. To make those summer getaways a little cooler, bralettes are your best friend. This piece is a wire-free bra that looks more stylish and comfortable. It comes in various designs, fabrics, and colors.

Although bralettes were a 2019 thing, they are still making a comeback this 2021. Even celebrities have been jumping on the “bracket” bandwagon. If you’re too shy to reveal your body, you can wear a bikini cover-up over your bralette. You can also pair it with matching sets for an effortless look if you’re planning to take a tour around town.

2. Black-and-White Combos

If we talk about staple fashion pieces, the classic black and white combo will certainly top the list. It doesn’t matter what year it is; this wardrobe essential is here to stay. Black and white pieces are traditional basics that are always to the rescue when you ran out of clothes to wear. If you want to wear something good for a travel photo, nothing can ever go wrong with a white top and classic black pants.

This color combo is still a reliable wardrobe staple for 2021, but you can make it even fun by adding a few twists. Layer it up by adding dainty pieces, such as statement jewelry, belts, and scarves. You can also experiment with your little black dress by wearing a white top underneath.

3. Maxi Dresses

Also known as blanket dresses, maxi dresses have been around for too long, enough for you to wear your mom’s hand-me-down maxi. For those who love a girly-girl style, you probably own a few maxi dresses in your closet.

Maxi dresses are simply versatile, as you can wear them on anything, such as summer vacations, family gatherings, and even on a weekend picnic at the park. They are preppy and sophisticated, that even clothing companies design baby girl dresses in a maxi style.

Styling a maxi dress is a no-brainer. Simply dress it up with a dainty jewel and a pair of comfy sandals, and you’re good to go.

If you want to wear a maxi dress for your next trip while looking stylish, all you have to do is layer it. You can experiment with your layering techniques, such as wearing it over your mesh turtle neck or straight-cut pants. These playful add-ons will certainly add a more relaxed flair to your dainty dress.

4. Baggy Pants

Remember the time when extra tight skinny jeans were a huge thing? Those pants did a great job of making our legs look sexy, but they are just too hot, tight, constricting. While most girls are in love with butt-hugging pants, we still love the idea of staying comfy and free, especially when we are traveling.

The good news is that oversized pants will remain in style in 2021, and the gothic clothing trend looks set to stay. . You need to create a balance by keeping your bottoms from looking too baggy. Pair those up with a cropped or slim-fit top to achieve that laid-back style.

Instead of sticking to your old pants, why not try other oversized pants styles, such as yoga pants, wide-leg jeans, and loose-fitting slacks? No worries, they are still having their moment this 2021.

5. Flats

Chunky boots and white sneakers are the most popular flat shoes alternative in the past years. We also have loafers, ballet shoes, and babydoll. While these shoes have been around for many years, don’t ever think they are going out of style soon. For girls who are not a big fan of flip-flops and sandals, flats are extra comfy shoes perfect for long walks and traveling.

Ballet flats and loafers are some of the classic shoe trends that will never go out of style. Not only are they comfortable, but they can make any outfit look sophisticated. So if you have a few ballet pairs, make them look preppy and fresh again by wearing longer-length socks. These cute add-ons are the new schoolcore trend for 2021.

There is no need to spend money to look in style and fabulous. As fashion trends come and go, learning how to repurpose your clothes can help you get by on your next travel escapade. Keep in mind that plenty of clothes are unnecessary. All you need is to find the right ones and experiment with them.

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