In recent months, several new lifestyle trends emerged to keep people entertained at home. On social media, people shared their new hobbies: first-time bread bakers showed off their sourdough starters while those living in the city found happiness in raising and caring for indoor plants.

TikTok, a popular video-sharing social networking app, became the platform for people to show their creativity. From ingenious cooking hacks to fun dance challenges, people all over the world rushed to the app to find entertainment and inspiration.

The hair and beauty community found both, as individuals shared how to use cosmetics to express their creativity and artistry. Discover the TikTok-inspired hair and beauty trends that have taken Cape Town residents by storm.


Although the rainbow has always been a source of inspiration, it recently received a popularity boost through new makeup trends.

Rainbow Eyeshadow

Many have cited James Charles as the influencer who made rainbow eyeshadow a trend, but TikTok users made it their own by finding creative ways to do it on their eyelids. While most try to get all seven colors on without smudging, some have taken it to another level by painting whole sceneries to depict the colorful arch.

#PutAFaceOn Challenger

It started as a simple concept where participants attempted to transform their faces through makeup, but some gave it the rainbow treatment. Several videos showed TikTok users utilizing their colorful eyeshadow palettes to paint rainbows on their faces, making it the focal point of their transformation.

DIY Hair

With most people spending time at home, many have taken to cutting their own hair. Since hairdressing scissors and tutorials are available online, it was easy for people to take on the new challenge. They even had the luxury to hide any mistakes since they weren’t going out in public.

Sock Curls

As the name suggests, this trend had people using their socks to curl their hair. This heat and chemical-free alternative to traditional methods quickly gained popularity as it was a quick and easy way to get beautiful curls.

#PurpleShampoo Challenge

The lockdown protocols made people braver with their hairstyle choices. Some decided to bleach their hair to see how they would look with lighter colored hair. It resulted in a challenge where people would use copious amounts of purple shampoo to tone their bleached hair. The results showed little change since this product is typically used to keep bleached hair from turning orange. But for some, their hair became less yellow and more white.

Makeup Hacks

Hacks have a way of going viral because many people want to try them out. When TikTok users uploaded videos of their makeup hacks, several viewers around the world tested them.

Winged Eyeliner

Considered by many as one of the most challenging makeup applications, hacks that promised a more straightforward process quickly spread. TikTok has countless videos that teach people how to create a winged liner easily and flawlessly. It’s a matter of finding the right hack for you.

Non-Crease Foundation

The lockdown protocols have not dissuaded people from wearing makeup at home. When a new hack for non-crease foundation emerged, many took the chance to try it out. TikTok personalities shared that using moisturizer, translucent powder, setting spray, and primer will give makeup users a smooth and even foundation that won’t crease as the day goes on.

The past year has encouraged people all over the world to take on new hobbies and activities. If you found one through viral TikTok videos, consider yourself a part of a community that wants to share their creativity in a new and fun way.

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