What Group-Buying Sites Are Out There?

There are so many of these group buying sites running in Cape Town. I’ve tried a number of them, spoken to business owners about their experiences and aggregated opinions from friends and family…


Group Buying Sites with Positive Reviews:

  1. Daddys Deals
  2. Ubuntu Deal

I’m not saying that these guys always get it right, they can’t make restaurants owners more friendly, or prevent you from experiencing a terrible meal but their after-sales service is good and they treat their customers well (both the end consumers as well as the restaurant owners.)


Deal Aggregators That Cut Out the Email-Spam

One of the problems with the vast number of group-buying sites out there is the email-spam that happens every morning in your email account.  Aggregators work to cut down on the spam by sending you a single email with the best deals in Cape Town. You can select your preferences, specify the type of deals that you would like to receive and reduce your emails by 80%.


Two Useful Deal Aggregators:

  1. Deal Africa
  2. Deal Zone

For a look at the different group buying sites and deal aggregators, have a look at iGeek, and their article on group buying

Have a look at more restaurants.

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