There are some who love to play sports. There are some who love to bet on their favorites sports games on Betway at for one. And then, there are some who have earned the coveted title of a social media influencer – and who rakes up a good income too. 

Non-athletes have also earned this title with their constant engagement with their fans through social media. They are as important as any other influencers in different domains. Here is the list of all famous sports social media influencers who keep encouraging us with their quality content.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

With his 193 million followers on Instagram and 81.6 million followers on Twitter, he is definitely going to make the top of this list. Not only he is the topmost soccer player, but he has also influenced millions to embark on this field with his consistent content. Forbes even claims that he earns around $1 billion through sponsorship deals. The Portuguese footballer not only posts about his achievements and his team but also with his children and partner.

2. David Beckham

‘Freedom to dream’ says his Instagram bio, and he is a firm believer in this adage. He is the epitome of perfectness. After his retirement from soccer, he kept close connections with his fans through social media. He has won the internet with posts of his family and other exciting things. If you are an avid follower, you would know his love for adventure on his Insta stories. He currently has 59.8 Instagram followers. He partners with a lot of famous brands on social media.

3. Serena Williams

This American Tennis player is one of her kind.  She has won four gold Olympic medals and 23 grand slam titles. Also, she shares her success and her daily life frequently on her social media platforms. Her posts speak about her firm stand on women empowerment, which is one of the reasons why her followers adore her so much. She has a total of 11.9 Insta followers and 10.9 followers on Twitter. 

4. Dude Perfect

They are the perfect example that you don’t have to be a top athlete to become a well-known sports social media influencer. Their YouTube channel has 47.7 million subscribers, where they post about interesting sports content. Five guys with immense humor levels have found this channel. They are best known for their trick shots on different games. According to YouTube, it is the second most subscribed sports channel. And if you watch their videos, you would know why.

5. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is the sensational cricket player in India. In his social media posts, he isn’t afraid to raise his against social awareness. Over time, he has gained a lot of popularity in social media, and people eagerly wait for his next post. Whether it is a selfie with his wife, or congratulating his team for the success or even a video of him working out, his fans can’t get enough of him. He has 46M Insta followers.

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