Traveling is fun, but it can be stressful for people who may be spending too much time away from home. Especially if you plan to go on a long road trip or a prolonged vacation, you need to have a haircut that is easy to maintain in whatever activity you plan to do. ;

Whether you plan to take a trip to the countryside, take a hike in the mountains, visit an exotic country or stay in a charming hotel, here are some hairstyles that would be suitable for your travel activities.

Hairstyles for Women

If you have hair that extends beyond your shoulders, the best hairstyle would be a braid. You could style it using a french braid, fishtail braid, or even pigtails. This style is best if you plan to visit the countryside and go for long walks in the city or countryside.

If you don’t like to braid your hair, you could choose to turn it into a bun. A top knot starts as a ponytail on top of the head but then you wrap the length of the hair around the knot. You could use it when you’re in a hurry, and most women use this style if they feel they are having a bad hair day. You could also use double buns; make two side ponytails, and then wrap them around the knot. You could also go for a messy bun if you are running short on time.

If your hair is shorter, you might not have problems with volume, but you might have problems with styling. You could comb your hair to one side to create a side swoop using a curler or a brush. You could also use a half bun to keep your hair away from your face, with the addition of giving you a trendy hairstyle. If you want longer hair during your trip, get some hair extensions in a salon on your next trip. You can have them removed later if you get tired of them.

Hairstyles for Men

Many men love to wear their hair long these days, and when they go on a trip, they also could put their hair in a bun or a ponytail. Some men prefer to slick back their long hair using a medium hold wet gel. This style can be chic and stylish, and men could use it for day or night activities.

They could also style their hair using long, textured waves. You can part the hair on one side and apply a mousse on the hair, scrunching it to give it a layered and natural look.

If you have short hair, a classic crew cutis a hairstyle that can never go wrong. But you could also create a textured crop, which looks like a crew cut but with long hair on the forehead and with cleaner and sleeker edges. You could also use a modern pompadour; use a gel to control the hair on top and use a side part to style the hair to one side backward.

When traveling, it’s best to bring things that would also protect your hair from sun and wind damage. Bring scarves, hats, and even hoodies on your holiday, so even when you are having a bad hair day, you will still have a great day on your trip.

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