Upland Organic Estate

Upland Organic Cabernet sauvignon

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Full bodied cabernet made without the addition of sulphites. Vegan wine, no animal fining agents used. Unfiltered. Organic certified

Upland Organic Estate
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Wine made without the addition of sulphites or other preservatives, unfined, vegan wine. Unfiltered. People sensitive to sulphites can drink this wine. Organic certified.

Classical structure in this full bodied cabernet, bursting with fresh black fruits and spice, topped by delicate vanillas with a long finish. Elegant ripe tannins and great minerality ensure an unforgettable experience. 93 Points awarded in Germany.

Sulphites change the flavour of foods (compare fresh squeezed orange juice with sulphited preserved juice). This wines is different from sulphited (“normal”) wines. Better? Worse? You be the judge.

Estate cabernet sauvignon, organic certified.

Upland Organic Estate

Wine Farm Contact
Edmund Oettle
+27 (082) 731 4774

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Cape Town Insiders’ Review Of The Wine

The Upland Cabernet Sauvignon is organic certified and has been aged for 8 years – I’m really impressed with the quality of the wine and the beautiful ruby colour – all while remaining an organic wine. I found the wine to be quite fruity and, for me, the perfect place to enjoy this wine would be in front of a fireplace with a friend before dinner. I love the work that Upland is doing to promote organic wines and they also have a range of organic brandy, grappa and port so we’ll have to be back to taste those!

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