Valentines Under The Stars, A Perfectly Romantic Evening #VUTS2016

VUTS2016 - Magdalene Minnaar, Lynelle Kenned, Cornelia Patzelsperger

Valentines Schmalentines?

I had a great start to my week this week. I was given the best Valentine’s Day present to date! Yes, yes, I know that Valentines is a money-making, Westernised idea, so we have a slightly different take on Valentine’s Day in our home. A while back when we were still dating, we decided to use the day as a reminder to be more romantic and spontaneous. This means that we don’t go out for an expensive meal or buy each other red roses. But we both make an effort to make sure the other person feels loved and appreciated, and we take that day to do something romantic together.


The Best Valentine’s Day With Valentines Under The Stars

This year I win, and I can’t even claim it… We were given tickets to Valentines Under The Stars, a musical feast hosted by Opulent Living. Arriving at the event, we knew we were in for something special from the beautiful stage and seating set up in The Square at the newly completed Century City Conference Centre and Hotel.

VUTS2016 - Conductor Xavier Cloete

VUTS2016 - Magdalene Minnaar, Lynelle Kenned, Cornelia Patzelsperger

The open air concert was a collaboration between the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra and some of South Africa’s favourite singing stars. The talented performers came together in a pop-meets-classic concert that was just beautiful. With the performances woven together by the hugely talented Katlego Maboe (who has a pitch perfect, gorgeous voice) and the dynamic orchestra, the show was polished and utterly romantic.

VUTS2016 - Magdalene Minnaar, Jonathan Roxmouth

VUTS2016 - MC and Singer Katlego Maboe

The weather played it’s part, the music was beautiful and we loved the opportunity to recapture a little bit of that romantic feeling.

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VUTS2016 - Full cast Cornelia Patzlsperger, Katlego Maboe, Lynelle Kenned, Sabrina Alves, Barbara Lenhard, Magdalene Minnaar, The Gugulethu Tenors and Jonathan Roxmouth

From the press release:

During this unique concert, guests were entertained with magical and beautifully conducted performances from Xavier Cloete and The Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra. Internationally acclaimed local soloists Magdalene Minnaar, Lynelle Kenned, Jonathan Roxmouth and Afropop sensation the Gugulethu Tenors completed the line up of award winning artists. Surprise performances by German crossover artist Cornelia Patzlsperger and the introduction of 16 year old Sabrina Alves moved the crowd and brought a few to tears with their renditions of some of the most celebrated classic love songs of all time.

The sold out concert which took place over two nights due to successful ticket sales began with a number of crowd favourites like ‘I Just haven’t met you yet’, ‘Will you still love me tomorrow,’ ‘I will always love you’ and ‘All for One.’ Classical hits such as ‘Barcorolle’, ‘La Donna e Mobile’ and ‘Je Veux Vivre’ also formed part of the program. By the end of the evening the audience were singing and dancing in their seats, and a surprise proposal by Marvin Bourne who asked his partner of six years, Cindy Cummings to marry him in front of over 800 guests made the night even more special.

Host of Expresso Morning Show and MC for the evening, Katlego Maboe once again won the hearts of the crowd with his quick wit, charm and the spectacular songs and duets that he performed.

Images courtesy of Opulent Living Experiences

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