So, we are living in a new reality, one that demands we stay safe by isolating and being indoors most of our time, thankfully, we also live in a tech advanced society and there plenty of ways to keep busy while social distancing.

It can be difficult, filled with uncertainty but the bottom line is with the help of all, we can make it out to the other side, healthy plus stronger, as long as we work together!

No matter if you are just starting your home quarantine period or you are a few days in, you might be going bonkers because you can’t find enough activities to keep you, or your companions busy, here are some of the best option out there for you:

Game away!

Here’s the thing, a lot of people are going to suggest getting productive with work, learning new skills or a new language, and that’s all great, you should definitely do it! But this is a crisis and gaming is going to help you escape, one thing you’ll surely need to do after being stuck at home for long enough.

You can try traditional gaming, even make it a family activity and join your kids on their favorite platforms, you can try online casino games with generous bonuses, multi-player games, there are so many choices out there available for you, maybe you’ll have time to try them all!

Also, don’t forget you can always make up your own game or try classics like go fish, or Uno, take advantage if you have a yard to play tag or kick a ball around, remember not everyone has that luxury.

Explore the arts

Having a creative outlet will make dealing with isolation easier, it can help deal with feelings of stress or fear in a nonverbal way, it can also make some pretty cool decoration for later. Because it involves both physical and mental skills it can be an absorbing way to lose track of time and enjoy yourself.

It is a specially attractive activity for those with kids since they can be allowed to let their little one’s creativity loose, also make a mess while sharing something cool with siblings and parents. There are plenty of options to pick from here, painting, drawing, creating plays, writing stories and more!

Make something yummy 

How about making your favorite cheesecake from scratch? Or homemade bread? Or what about the ultimate guide to sourdough bread? This is the time for all your culinary dreams to come true, Cooking can be a relaxing, time-consuming and fun activity for everyone at home!

You have all the time in the world and nothing gives comfort like a delicious dish, so give it all a go, and make it count, look for the right recipe (trust the reviews) try to go for simple ingredients, take your time, involve the roommates or family (if you want) or enjoy some alone time, play some music and cook.

Here, we’ll even leave you the pizza recipe to give you a head start.

Enjoy your social distancing!

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