When we say never judge a book by its cover, do we really believe it? Is it just a passing quote we hear from our elders? Do we take it to hear? Because if experiences are to be believed, manypeople still judge us on the way we look, including how we dress and accessorize. That’s why we think that someone who’s so well-put-together in a mall has more money than someone in shorts and slippers. That’s why salespeople tend to look down on customers who haven’t taken the time to fix themselves before going shopping.

People judge others based on how stylish they are. Are you fashionable enough to wear stackable rings? Do you believe in classical jewelry such as a plain wedding band and a nice little necklace? Do you wear an anklet? What does this say about you?

Life of the Party

You are sociable, outgoing, and fun to be around if you have fun costume jewelry. Wearing big hoop earrings, cocktail rings, and statement necklaces show that you’re inventive. You want to be the center of attention. Your personality is very likely bubbly and full of life. People like to be around you because you’re adventurous, and a party will never be boring with you in it.


If you have a matching set of pearl earrings, necklaces, and rings, people will think that you’re well-organized. Most professionals go with color-coordinated jewelry because it eliminates the need to think about what piece will go with their suit. It also shows professionalism and organization. Rarely do these types of people want to bother themselves with the kinds of accessories they wear. They don these accessories because they symbolize power and not because they are stylish.

Environmentally Conscious

Nature lovers find it hard to use jewelry made of precious metals and stones. They know that these have been sourced from nature, and they balk at that idea. If you see them wearing accessories and jewelry, these pieces are probably made of recycled materials such as sea glass, seashells, and driftwood. You also tend to gravitate toward earth-toned colors such as green, turquoise, and brown.

Old Soul

If you love vintage jewelry, you’re either a trendsetter or nostalgic for the past. If you’re a trendsetter, you’re wearing these antique rings, necklaces, and bracelets because you want to remind people that these are stylish. You don’t care about brand names. Instead, you want your jewelry to be unique and interesting.

For those nostalgic for the past, they tend to wear jewelry with a story behind it. They could be found wearing an old pair of earrings that belonged to their grandmothers. They could have repurposed an old necklace that their mothers used to wear. You love jewelry but more so if they have a story to tell.


Diamonds, solitaire engagement rings, pearls, and tennis bracelets, such elegance will only be found in people who love classical jewelry. These simple and yet stunning pieces of jewelry go well with anything. You can wear them to work or to a party. Their understated elegance is what separates them from the rest of the pack. It shows that you have traditional values, even in the clothes and accessories you choose. You’re always perfectly poised and composed even under pressure.

Now that you know more about what your jewelry says about you, it’s time to experiment and have fun with them. You can wear statement pieces during a party and go back to your pearl earrings for a meeting the next day. You can mix and match these pieces. You can set your very own trend. Every piece of jewelry is unique in its own way.

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