Women’s Lifestyle Expo 2014 Makes A Grand Entrance

Getting Started at #WLE2014

IMG_20140418_101954Last Friday I attended the Women’s Lifestyle Expo. With an idea of who the top exhibitors were I was really looking forward to going, but the show exceeded my expectations in every area.

Irit Noble in action
Irit Noble in action

As a member of the press we enjoyed a welcome breakfast before joining Ms Irit Noble; the ever-capable, permanently tongue-in-cheek MC, and the interesting speaker line-up of Jenna Lowe (speaking about Pulmonary Hypertension and her trust: JennaLowe.org), followed by Sally-Ann Creed, Jono Proudfoot and David Grier (speaking about the Real Meal Revolution).

Jenna Lowe
Jenna Lowe speaking about PH

It was inspiring to listen to the 19 year old Jenna Lowe speaking about her devastating condition and the courageous role that she has taken up to promote awareness and help make the treatment needed more accessible. Her sister followed up with an incredible solo performing “I Need More Time” which was written by Jenna.

Sally Ann then followed up with some insight into breakfasts and the amount of sugar that we consume as South Africans. A normal breakfast (for example: conflakes with milk, coffee with milk and sugar, two slices of toast and an apple) will have upwards of 40 teaspoons of sugar. Scary stuff! I have to admit, I went home with a copy of the Real Meal Revolution, it’s something that I want to take some time to work through – I’ll let you know how it goes!

Her talk was then followed by the adventures of both Jono and David, who wrote the recipes for the Real Meal Revolution, and who have both tackled insane journeys to raise funds for Miles for Smiles, a charity that aims to provide corrective surgery for children born with cleft palates.

Browsing and Buying

After the talks I took some time to walk around the various stalls, it was lovely to meet Anna, the brand manager for Ruby Box (I love what they do!) as well as Kim from Nyx cosmetics who gave me a quick rundown on the products that I need to get my hands on! I’ve been keeping an eye on Nyx for about a year now after meeting a couple of make-up professionals who swear by their products. There was so much going on – from the beautiful, incredibly fit pole dancer; to the skin treatments (R200 for a peel worth R500); to some of the most beautiful sterling silver jewellry.


It really was a fun morning and I’m so glad I got a chance to go – I’m already looking forward to next year’s expo!


I was invited to attend as a media representative, all views and photos are my own.

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